The Magic of Believing

Magic of Believing
Bristol spent a long time thinking about the power of thought. He discovered that most people live their life without realizing the power of belief.

While he was a soldier during the first World War, he was facing economy hardship and was struggling so much that he could not even purchase cigarettes. This led to a major turning point in his life as he decided he would turn his life around and achieve financial success. He considered this to be a decision rather than a thoughtful wish. Upon returning to civilian life he was offered a job and despite his initial low salary, he remained optimistic by maintaining the belief that wealth would soon come.

The Magic of Believing outlines his personal experience of using the power of belief. He also cites examples from history and also warns the reader about the dangers of misusing this technique. Historic figures such as Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler (negative usage of this technique) are mentioned.

Below are some quotes from some prominent figures who were positively influenced by this book:

The wonderful influence Claude Bristol’s The Magic of Believing has had on my career, health, happiness and general outlook on life makes me eager to recommend this book to all those who desire an inspirational lift.

-Liberace (1955)